Wildlife Artist 

A lion rolls onto his back & yawns. A cheetah surveys the morning horizon. Alerted impala cock their ears & an elephant raises his trunk to the scent on the wind – these are the moments I wait for – this is why I paint. 

South Africa is my home & theirs. We are warmed by the same earth-baking sun, cooled by the same dust-soaking rains & united by our love of the grass, trees, rivers & skies of this land. My hand seems guided to draw attention to the gift we have in these creatures and to represent them. 

My intimate knowledge of African wildlife & their magnificent detail is the result of many hours spent amongst them, photographing them & observing their behaviour. This time not only connects me to them, but obligates me to honour their natures by correctly & sincerely portraying them.

In my Sepia series, my intent is always to focus on the character of the animal which is conveyed through the eyes & body language. This is achieved through thoughtful composition, omission of background & a limited colour palette. Working in acrylic paint allows me to create highly detailed texture, accentuating posture & movement while keeping focal points, such as eyes, soft & life-like.

In my Sun series, I specifically use colour to convey the mood of the animal & it’s relationship with the African sun in all its’ vibrant hues. As it washes wildlife in colour – burning outlines & blending them with their surroundings, I single out the most intense hue of any given scene & amplify it. I use liquid acrylic for its vibrant pigment & unpredictable nature – which seems aptly comparable to that of wildlife, and in a loser, more spontaneous application, sun & mood become one.


Sun Series

Sepia Series


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